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What is it like to work with an Astor & Black Professional Clothier?

See for yourself.

& Measure

First, our Professional Clothiers will schedule a consultation in your home or office at a time that’s convenient for you. When you get together, they’ll want to understand your wardrobe situation, lifestyle needs, and budget. Then they’ll complete our 28-Point Fit Profile—including measurements, pictures, and notes—that our Master Tailors will use to create your custom clothing templates. Thanks to our extensive formal training, mentorship programs, and ongoing skills certification requirements, no one is better prepared to deliver an exceptional natural fit than we are. > PLAY VIDEO


With thousands of name-brand fabric options and personalization choices that are limited only to your imagination and your personal sense of style, it’s good to have a well-experienced Astor & Black Professional Clothier by your side. Together, you will explore the possibilities and create entire looks that have one purpose in mind—to make you look amazing. > PLAY VIDEO


When it’s time to conjure your creation from the cloth, our Master Tailors will have everything they need to put it all together. They will use the measurements, pictures, and notes from your 28-Point Fit Profile to create an original customer template for your garment. Then your selections will all come together into a garment that will deliver a natural fit experience unlike anything you’ve ever had before. > PLAY VIDEO


Anticipating the arrival of your custom garment is the hardest part. Unfortunately, the pace of modern society has trained us to want everything yesterday. But we won’t compromise quality to satisfy impatience. Besides, when we deliver your custom clothes and you put them on for the first time, you’ll immediately understand—the wait is worth it.

Sometimes, there are adjustments that need to be made in order to get the fit dialed in. That’s why our Professional Clothiers personally deliver your custom clothing instead of shipping it to you. If there are adjustments, we’ll note those changes both in your 28-Point Fit Profile and on the garments. For garments that need adjusting, we will take them to our local, pre-qualified tailors and then re-deliver your clothes when they’re ready, ensuring the fit is accurate. > PLAY VIDEO

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