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Our service and your experience is our best product.

The distinguishing characteristic of Astor & Black is our personal concierge level of service provided by our Professional Clothiers.

We have intense selection criteria for a new Clothier that is followed by rigorous corporate training and a long-term mentorship program. When you sit down to work with one of us, there’s a high degree of technical proficiency at gathering the information needed to deliver a garment worthy of Astor & Black’s standards.

Beyond their technical training, there’s one thing every Clothier brings with them when they join Astor & Black—a passion for style and clothing. It is not readily taught, and we look for clear evidence of this spark in every candidate. In fact, amongst our Clothiers, the competition for best-dressed distinction is intensely fun.

In the end, all of this comes together into a fantastic, personal experience and a long-term trusting relationship between you and your Professional Clothier.