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The final price of your Astor & Black suit is ultimately determined by the fabric selection you make with your Professional Clothier. And we have thousands of fabrics at various prices from the best mills in the world to choose from.

A La Carte Suit Price Range

As you can see, a single suit made from our name-brand fabric collections can range from as low as $650 to as high as $18,000. And we have thousands of options at almost every price point in between. This extreme range of pricing and fabric abundance is important, since we clothe everyone from the recent college graduate to some of the wealthiest, most successful people in the world. 



Some men like to buy a whole wardrobe at one time. And we like that, too. So we organized all of our fabrics into five different price families: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. Then we put together a variety of clothing packages and applied a discount, which we can do because it saves us time when we can deliver more in one meeting.

For example, our most popular package is the “3x3x3,” available in the Bronze 1 ($2,500),  Bronze 2 ($3,000), Silver ($3,800), Gold ($4,800), Platinum 1 ($5,800), Platinum 2 ($6,500), and Diamond ($7,500) fabric families.

We have many other specially priced packages to choose from. Please contact us, and a Professional Clothier in your area would be happy to review them with you.


Every Day

Each Astor & Black suit is made fresh, just for you, when you order it.

We don’t carry a pre-made inventory of goods or warehouse “private label” fabrics that we subsequently have to get rid of through a sale. And we don’t have retail stores with inventory that have to move out to make way for the new season. This is the main reason we don’t have sales or do discounting. Instead, we pass the savings—every day—on to you.


So if you’re waiting for a sale to get your first Astor & Black suit, don't. If you were to comparison-shop our suit features and fabric selection, you would expect to pay at least two to three times more. But don’t take our word for it. Download our comparison shopping list and use it to compare our standard service and product features to any other suit maker you may be considering.



We do love our loyal customers and followers. And occasionally, we have private product specials and promotions just for them. If you would like to hear about them, please join us:


Astor & Black does not discount its custom clothing. But our product suppliers and fabric mills sometimes do close out merchandise and cloth. So we pass those savings directly on to you through our Scotches & Swatches Trunk Shows. These discounts can be as high as 75% off and can only be had by attending a Scotches & Swatches Trunk Show where you buy the actual bolt of fabric from which your suit will be made.

These events are a great opportunity to meet your local Astor & Black Professional Clothiers, get measured, and have a drink—on us! And you never know who will show up. We have national and local celebrities and professional athletes in almost every major city.

Attendance for these events is by invitation only. Don’t miss the next one!

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