24 March 2010

7 Reasons Why Spring Rocks!

1. We’ve Got Your Seven for All Mankind Denim
Astor & Black now carries Seven denim for both men and women.  Ask your local clothier about special discounts on your favorite styles.
There’s nothing better than sipping on your favorite brew and counting down to the Final Four in our most comfortable fabrics and styles.  If you’ve tried our suits and formalwear, give our casual wear a shot and contact your local clothier.  As always, we’ve got the highest quality clothing at unbeatable pricing.  Give us a call.  Unlike the tournament, this is a win-win!
3. Cloth as Smooth as Butt-ah
It doesn’t get any softer than this fellas.  Astor & Black has bought a 14.5 micron Super 180’s cloth that usually sells for $2795 per suit.  BUT, we are offering this fabric for only $1595.  Quantities are limited so call your local clothier today.
4. Get Dressed Up
It’s tuxedo season gentlemen – whether you’re the groom or the best man.  Astor & Black’s got the goods and the threads to help you look your very best on that special day, just like we did for The Blind Side’s Quinton Aaron at his very first Oscars appearance.  In fact, Esquire named him one of their Best Dressed Men at the 2010 Oscars.
5. Home Runs Aren’t Just for Pujols
In fact, we’ve got a deal for you that knocks it out of the park. In honor of America’s favorite pastime, we’re offering our 2010 Rookie package, which includes 5 custom suits, 5 custom shirts, 5 handmade ties and 2 pair of cufflinks for an unbeatable $3000.
6. NFL Draft
It’s time for the NFL Draft and the only thing better than being drafted by the NFL is dressing as good as them.  Check out styles from Pierre Thomas, Marques Colston and Will Smith of the New Orleans Saints fashioned by Astor & Black and get inspired.
7. Coming Soon…The A&B Visualizer
Shopping for your custom clothing doesn’t get easier than this.  For a sneak peak, check out this WWD article and stay tuned for more details.
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