16 February 2010

Two-button or Three-button, that is the question…

Whether you have a twenty-suit rotation or you are purchasing a suit for the first time, the decision between two or three buttons is bound to arise. The answer depends on your lifestyle, body shape, and how trendy or traditional you want to be. To ensure you are purchasing the perfect suit for your body and current wardrobe needs, Astor & Black has broken down the who, what, when, and where of both types. By following our simple guidelines, you are sure to pick the suit that is best for you.

The Three-button Suit

The three-button suit gives you a longer, leaner look because the buttons on the jacket reach higher up on the chest, making it comfortable and visually appealing. This style looks best on gentlemen that are 5’8″ or taller.

How to wear it: Most three-button suits are cut with a lapel that rolls to the top button. This enables you to fasten the top two buttons for a modern look. If your taste level leans towards the traditional side, close only the middle button for an elegant look. Whatever you do, never close the bottom button; doing so will distort the drape of the fabric and is considered a fashion faux pas.

When/where: Three-button suits are a good alternative to two-button suits for office wear. They are stylish and will give you a vigorous look. Additionally, they are great for dressing down. A good black or dark charcoal in a solid or textured solid, such as a herringbone or tic weave, can do so many great things for your wardrobe. We consider it a must have!

A&B’s Pick- A three-button charcoal gray suit cut with roped shoulders for a strong presence; side vents, lapel rolled to the top button, but only fastening the middle button with a thin 2 3/4″ notch lapel.

The Two-button Suit

The two-button suit is the universal standard because of its enduring, classic appeal and the ability to complement any build. If you have a short torso, two-button suits are the best way to go.

An impeccably tailored two-button is timeless and will be your best bet to beat the inevitable style clock. You’ll want to replace it every five years to make sure you look stays current. Button placement, lapel widths, and shoulder expressions change over time and will date your suit.

How to wear it: Only the top button is fastened when dawning this cut. That’s it! There’s nothing more, nothing less.

When/where: Two-button suits are all about business. They are best to wear at the office with a dress shirt and tie, and will always give you a professional, smart, and confident look.

A&B’s pick- A two-button medium grey sharkskin suit cut with a peak lapel, higher button placement, and side vents.

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