5 November 2009

Viva Las Vegas!

While your favorite clothier currently employs agents across the US and Canada to service the local markets, we are pleased to announce the opening of our very first “brick and mortar” showroom in the heart of Sin City!

“Our Vegas showroom has been open by private appointment since the beginning of September and the response has been phenomenal. Both our local clients and our visiting clients appreciate a space that allows them to relax and truly enjoy the time-honored custom clothing experience. Tucked away in Las Vegas’ most famous neighborhood; we are only minutes from the epicenter of activity and provide the same level of impeccable service our clients are accustomed to when staying in Vegas’ finest resorts. We have become a destination for VIP hosts looking to thrill their clients with gifts that speak of luxury, sophistication, and personalization. We also pride ourselves on ensuring our clients enjoy their stay in Vegas and typically use our network of local influences to help upgrade their visit. It’s all part of Astor & Black’s continued efforts to afford our clients with the very best in service and product.” –Sean Dunn, Astor & Black Vegas

To personally contact the brilliant Sean Dunn, please call him at 702.785.2269 or send an email to

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