20 April 2015

Examples of good argumentative essays and research question

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Examples of good and bad argumentative essays

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Research Question Examples – Good vs Bad

As you prepare to create a research paper, feel free to use our research examples or ask Paperell for help. We have gathered them to compare good and bad for better understanding. At the start, you need to make a problem statement about the topic you’re going to investigate, and then write your hypotheses and research questions to discover more. Follow our useful examples that will show how to do this task effectively.

A Good Question Requires Research
If someone can answer your research question without any research, this is a bad question. A question must be formulated to force you to do at least a small research to find the answer.

Bad: Has the population of polar bears increased lately?
Good: What factors have increased the population growth of polar bears?

As you can see, the first question is quite easy to answer, when the second question requires more digging into the subject to find the answer.

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